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Undersea - Behind the Scene

Undersea started from a simple demo created by Magic Leap Studios where a single fish interacted with your hand and then lead you to a human-sized spherical aquarium containing a coral reef and many varieties of fish. Though that initial demo was fairly static, it resonated, and gave the team at Magic Leap a glimpse at a new way to showcase the potential of spatial computing ...

Check out the behind the scenes video with the team that brought Undersea to life:

Built using Unreal Engine 4 and Vulkan 3.1 mobile on Magic Leap One, Undersea is part of an ongoing series of curated experiences that allow internal developers to advance their understanding of creative, technical, and production challenges while delivering magical user experiences and sharing those insights with the broader creator community. Magic Leap Studios first consumer project, Create, was focused on providing an inviting entry point to the platform while showing off the core features of Spatial Computing in a fun and delightful way.

Check out a more audio focus demo, from a capture on device, with some explanatory comments. The video capture is not good quality, the team at Magic Leap are working on improving this feature, but it's hard to capture something that comes from a generated light field:

Another video, from Unreal this time, to get a better picture of how it looks quality wise, though the surrounding will be black, as all content is supposed to stick to a physical environment:


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