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As Audio Director on this project, I had to decide what would be the best approach regarding the musical style, since I had no clue from the licensor, because the movie score wasn't finish at the time we've got started.

Same thing about the sound effects, and especially about the different creatures we had to make. Arnaud Libeyre, my sound designer assigned on the project was creative enough to end up with a great result.

Edouardo Broseta composed the whole soundtrack, and I've got just a bit of time to compose one piece at last.

Great project to work on, very nice license and beautiful challenge!




"..Good music and strong sound effects. Narration is nicely done...."

"...The musical scores are nice and the ambient sounds of the forest definitely add to the game’s level of immersion...."

"...Avatar is accentuated by fairy dust things and some really cool haunting soundtrack...."

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