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​I had the opportunity to manage this project as the main composer and audio director at Gameloft.

4 months of hard work with the game's team, based in Barcelona.

Jason Cushing was the main sound designer, and did an amazing job!

Near of the deadline, I've asked 2 of my composers at Gameloft, Carl Vaudrin (Montreal) and Eduardo Broseta (Barcelona), to help me finishing the project by making some music for cutscenes and levels, as I've already composed about an hour of music.

You can listen 40 tracks from the score on the right.



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" kept us captivated with its entrancing soundtrack, visuals, and variety..."

"...All the while, the voice acting and beautiful soundtrack (likely pulled from the film) remains top notch. It's without question one of the best sounding mobile games we've heard..."

"...The music has an element of old school adventure scores ,that are perfectly suited to the gameplay, and universe of Tintin..."

Touch Arcade
"...the soundtrack for me really adds to the charm of the game. Typically, I turn down a game’s background music over time because of the irritation factor. However, I’d recommend leaving the music on during gameplay because it provides just the right touch..."

For the french localization, we had the big privilege to get the actors who did the voice dubbing for the movie!​ Thanks to Game Audio Factory and their big address book!

... We have had the immense pleasure to work on the French localization of the game.

The Gameloft team has done a tremendous job on this production, and it was a real pleasure for us to record the French voices with all the voice actors of the Film ...

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